Spiritual & Plant-based


Living together with respect for both people and nature, in a community where you can be completely yourself and where you get the opportunity to develop yourself spiritually on an individual level and in connection with others. Click below for more information about our core values.

About Anahata

Anahata is a Sanskrit description that is connected to the energy of the heart. It literally means ‘unstuck’ or ‘unbroken’. Connecting to it can make you remember who you already are. The heart is the place where spirit and the physical meet and this is exactly what we aim to do at Anahata: to live in connection and harmony with ourselves and with the people and other beings around us. In a spiritual sense integrated and embodied in practical everyday life.

In Anahata we want to be living as a tribe. We are a vegan community, yet it is not the primary element in Anahata. We aim to live in harmony with other beings and veganism is a natural consequence. Living together from the heart and investigating who we are, our place in the world and our connection to ourselves is what we are learning together and what we want to offer to the world.

Being at Anahata is healing on itself. Being in nature, surrounded by only natural sounds, having a beautiful lake in front of us, the forest around us and the sound of a fresh water stream… all of it brings you back towards yourself.