Who live in Anahata?

Donna Ambachtsheer

“Together with Remco, I founded Anahata because we were looking for a place where we could be completely free and ourselves, but where we could also connect with the people around us, so that we could grow, learn and develop together. I also think it’s great to use this place to create more awareness and show people that anything you want is possible, as long as it comes from your heart”.

Hobbies and interests: dream explanation, reincarnation, the background of illness, astrology, writing, entrepreneurship, cooking, reading, etc.

Remco Steijvers

“What attracts me in Anahata is harmoniously living together in a place in nature. I love peace and quietness and I like to be outside where I can walk barefoot and feel totally free. Self-sufficient living, camping, appreciating the little things in life, romping around in the vegetable garden or being busy on the grounds, wonderful! Far away from society’s expectations”.

Hobbies and interests: carpentry, chess, viola, gardening, reading, history, board games, sports, etc.

Johan & Josette

“I am Johan and together with my wife Josette we love the peace and nature that Sweden has to offer. I like to fly my drone, I like hiking and geocaching and I like to work with my hands. I also enjoy making a big campfire with the group, watching documentaries, meditating or simply playing a board game.

Josette plays the flute, enjoys cooking, likes to do crafts and loves long walks.”

Sacha Post

“I am a nature guide, coach and philosopher. Above all, respect and awe for nature are central to my life. Therefore, I enjoy living in the Swedish wilderness immensely together with like-minded people. I organize nature retreats and wilderness journeys, in which I help people integrate the timeless wisdom of nature and awaken their wild selves.”

Hobbies and interests: hiking, canoeing, writing, reading, filmmaking, meditating, yoga, qi gong, spirituality, bushcraft, self-sufficient living.

Learn more about Sacha’s work at www.natureofwonder.com

Eva Driessen

“I marvel at life. The body that is so intelligent, nature that shows us that everything happens by itself. I dance to thick hip-hop beats, learn to play guitar, love taking risks, living life to the fullest and at the same time I like to be alone in silence – in the vegetable garden or by the water. In my work I guide people towards a natural life – ‘what are you already doing? Who are you already? I do this through Mastermind pathways, silence retreats and ceremonial medicine work.”

Curious? Feel free to check out https:///www.evennaareva.com