Swedish Summer Silence

20-27 August 2021

This is an invitation to unwind and relax deeply, to play in the magical forests of Sweden and discover the vast depths of your inner being.

We are filled with excitement and gratitude to host the first retreat in our new community Anahata, located at the banks of a beautiful lake in the Swedish wilderness of Värmland.

This is the place

This is the place where you can hear true silence, watch the wind move the endless stretches of forest surrounding you, listen to birdsong echoing across the valley and swim in a vast, crystal clear lake. Here you can deepen your connection to yourself, to wild nature and to the silence within.


  • Immersing yourself in the mesmerizing wilderness of Sweden for a full week
  • Discovering new ways to connect and move with nature every day
  • Giving yourself the time, the space and the guidance of two experienced facilitators to sink into silence and deep relaxation
  • Experiencing time as endless, being completely offline, in touch with your intuition, inner wisdom and creativity
  • Discovering that pure part of yourself, that state of flow and pure presence where everything is okay, being in awe and wonder of this magical thing called life.

You might

  • Miss real nature to connect with, far away from other people
  • Want to find the time and space for silence and deep relaxation to recharge
  • Feel trapped by your responsibilities, working hard and missing time for yourself
  • Experience a longing to move and nourish your body in wild nature, becoming stronger and healthier
  • Sense the potential of a deeper connection to your intuitive, wild self
  • Know you are connected to your inner being, but with all the distractions of the outside world find it hard to connect with your own wisdom.

We've got your back

This 7-day retreat is facilitated by Eva Driessen, Sacha Post and their team. Both previously based in The Netherlands, Eva and Sacha have recently moved to Sweden to continue their work in the Anahata community.

Eva is a facilitator, helping people surrender to the flow of life. She organizes coaching programs, silent retreats and plant medicine ceremonies.

Learn more about her work here.

Sacha is a wilderness guide, coach and philosopher, helping people to connect deeply to nature and apply her wisdom in daily life. He facilitates seasonal nature retreats and rewilding journeys.

Learn more about his work here.

You'll get

  • Seven days of nature immersion
  • Guided nature connection exercises to deepen your relationship with nature
  • Inspirational sessions to apply nature’s wisdom in your life
  • Daily movement and breathing sessions to rewild and strengthen the body
  • Nourishing and healthy vegan meals and snacks
  • Guided meditations to find deep silence within
  • A meditative tea ceremony to facilitate your meditation practice
  • Three days of deep, guided silence
  • New ways to connect with yourself
  • Sleeping in nature, camping at the edge of the lake
  • Big bonfires, making music and singing to celebrate life
  • Beautiful hikes through the Swedish wilderness
  • Possibility to canoe to small islands in the lake
  • Lots of time and space to simply be.

After this 7-day retreat, you will feel replenished, deeply connected to yourself and to the wilderness, experiencing the freedom and the joy of simply being alive.


The cost of this 7-day retreat is €799, including the program, all meals and camping.

It is possible to rent a private house with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms during the retreat. For a private rental the added cost is €400. If you share the house with another participant, you pay €200 each.

It is also possible to stay longer after the retreat to help out building Anahata’s new retreat center or extend your holiday by renting the private house. Read the FAQ below for more information and feel free to ask us about the possibilities!


“Don’t underestimate the power of these retreats, of nature, or of Sacha as your guide. You will sink, you will reconnect and you will develop stillness. Learning from Sacha (or better said, from nature through Sacha) is a pleasure and a gift. Personally, the core of this teaching and the treasure I take home is “presence”, a deep listening and awareness of both inner and outer worlds developed through creating inner stillness. This is the invitation of nature, and the direct experience of the wonder of nature.” —Maurits

“What connects Eva’s work for me is her heightened state of presence, clarity and empathy. And whatever the space may be—this is what makes me trust in feeling what wants to be seen, change or grow in me. Personal processes are most sustainable when they unfold naturally—Eva is the best ambassador of nature and natural resources I can think of. And I profit from what she offers long after the actual event has finished.” —Tobias

“Sacha is a humble, attentive, wise guide, who holds naturally open, sacred space. I admire him because he brings awareness, compassion, acceptance, rectitude, and humbleness in his conduct—and then shares it with the world. Thank you, Sacha, for being a guide and inspiration. The world needs more inner work like you teach.” —Marta

“Silence with Eva is like a medicine journey. The medicine of silence. A journey with myself and everything that surrounds me, to inner wisdom. From thinking, to feeling and simple being. Embedded with loving and attentive care by Eva and her team. Really fantastic!” —Boudewien

“Tuning into nature with Sacha brings me so much closer to my own true nature. I feel, act and know in ways I couldn’t even imagine were inside me. I treasure that knowing of myself.” —Hannah

“Eva takes you on a journey into yourself. Behind the world of thought, I experienced a soft and pleasant homecoming. I have no words to describe the richness of it. I constantly got softly reminded and invited back into myself again. Highly recommended!” —Roosje


How do I get there?

Anahata is located in the wilderness near Ekshärad in the Värmland province of western Sweden. There are many ways to get here, either by your own means or using public transportation. You can drive and take one of the ferries from Germany or Denmark or use the Øresund bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö. You can also take the train all the way to Karlstad and get to the edge of the forest near Ekshärad by bus, where we can arrange a pickup. If you come from the same country, we suggest you come together, to save money and fuel and be in great company already! We can connect you to other participants after your reserve your spot. Finally, although we encourage you to come by car, train or bus, it is also possible to fly to Stockholm and catch a train to Karlstad. There is also a small propellor plane flying from Stockholm to Hagfors daily. From there, you can take a bus and we can pick you up at a bus stop at the edge of the forest near Anahata.

What are the facilities like?

This is a true back-to-nature experience. This means you will sleep underneath the stars or underneath a tarp, inside your tent or in your own camper. You can make use of a compost toilet and you will experience the aliveness of washing yourself in a pristine lake with pure Aleppo soap, which will be provided. All meals and snacks are included, so there’s no need for you to bring cooking equipment, unless you plan on staying longer.

Is there place to be inside?

Yes, we have a beautiful shared space in which we gather and you can always come to relax, unwind and be in silence.

What if it rains?

August is a beautiful month nearing the end of the Swedish Summer. Although the Swedish climate is relatively dry and we are already dancing and praying for good weather, of course it can rain. Know that there is a beautiful shared space where you can always be inside and relax. Finally, remember that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! When you sign up you will receive detailed packing list on what to bring so you stay comfortable.

I have a special diet, can this be taken care of?

Anahata is a plant-based community, so all meals will be vegan. If you have any allergies or other concerns, please feel free to write us. We will take care of your belly with love.

Can I come early, before the retreat starts?

We will be preparing the space for you and we need time to focus and concentrate before we welcome you. This means it is not possible to come earlier. It is possible to stay longer though, read on!

Is it possible to stay longer at Anahata after the retreat?

This is possible and we would love that! The retreat center at Anahata just started and we can use all the help we can get. If you are camping and want to stay longer, we will ask you to help us and work with us for four hours a day, five days a week. If you are renting the private house, you are welcome to stay and do as you please. Feel very welcome, let us know if you’re interested and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

How many people will join the retreat?

We have space for a maximum of 15 participants.

What should I bring?

We’ll send you a detailed packing list which will include all you need to be comfortable in the Swedish wilderness. Your camping gear, a warm sleeping bag, good hiking shoes and clothing for all weather types are important!

Do I need to be an experienced meditator?

This is not a necessity at all. We will guide you.

Are there any wild animals?

Luckily there are! There are more animals than humans in this area, which is a humbling experience. There are many deer, moose, foxes, a whole spectrum of birds and even some bears and wolves. But rest assured, bears and wolves are much more afraid of us than we are of them. So no need to worry, you will be safe.

What language will be spoken?

English. Our Swedish lessons will start in August, so we might throw in some Swedish words for fun.

What will the days look like?

We will have approximately three sessions a day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The first days will be about getting to know each other and the land itself. We will guide you through exercises to tune into the nature surrounding you. Slowly we will become more attuned to the wilderness and a natural silence will be the result. There will be a few days of deeper silence in which you have plenty of time to be with yourself in the wilderness. After that, we will slowly connect with each other again and integrate what we have learned before we go back into the world again.

Any other questions left unanswered?

Please feel free to drop a note with your questions. Write Eva at eva@evennaareva.com or Sacha at sacha@sachapost.com.

Made it all the way here? We would love for you to join.